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5/25/11 - Mr. Natoque et Magnis


'The service was brilliant!

Mr. Natoque et Magnis

5/25/11 - Mss. Nulla Amet

'Good quality of the products.

Mss. Nulla Amet

3/6/11 - Additional Testimonials


We want you to love your Shopping Experience with SurfAvenueMall and we would love to hear about your experience with us.

"WOW! Thank you! I received my order SO quickly. Thanks so much! You all exceeded my expections and created a new level of satisfaction for online shoppers.- I'll be back soon!" - Allison, Atlanta.

"Great shopping experience -- the merchandise was affordable and it was delivered on time and perfect condition. " - Janice, Los Angeles.

"Thanks very much for your prompt response to my order. My wife was very, very, VERY happy with the iPhone, so my status as A Good Husband is intact, at least until Christmas." - Mike, Dallas.

""I was very pleased with the service and the delivery was very speedy. Thank you." - Stephanie, London, UK

"Excellent Service. Would love to come back again ... again ... again .. n AGAIN!!" - Sean, Bronx.

"Thanks for the quick replacement for the Dmaged necklace. You guys made my day." - Michelle, San Francisco.



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